Top Punjabi News For Today In Canada

1. The Canadian government has announced that it will provide $5 million to support the development of new cannabis products in the country.

2. A study has found that children who eat a healthy diet are more likely to have better mental health outcomes.

3. A woman has been charged with murder after her five-year-old son was found dead in his home.You may check this link if you want to know more about  Punjabi News For Today In Canada.

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4. A Punjabi rapper has become the first ever artist to win a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

5. A Sikh man has been kicked out of his own riding association after he refused to remove his turban while riding in a horse race.

6. A restaurant in Toronto has been fined for serving chicken tikka masala without any chicken.

7. The federal government is proposing a bill that would make it easier for Indigenous people to buy and sell land and property.

8. A spokesperson for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives has said that the party will not back down on its pledge to repeal the carbon tax.

9. The province of Manitoba is investing $25 million in hydropower projects in Quebec and Labrador.

10. The election campaign in Canada is officially underway, with all of the major parties announcing their candidates.