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Oculus Quest 2 Prescription Lens Adapter

A VR headset can be used even if you have glasses. However, it is difficult. You can use the Oculus Quest 2, which comes with a small insert made of plastic that you place inside the headset. This adds distance so that your glasses won’t get squashed when the headset is on.


However, this still isn’t ideal, which is why we recommend anyone who can’t make glasses and the Oculus Quest 2 play nice should buy some prescription lenses. You can also purchase oculus quest 2 lenses adapter via

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You can buy a Quest 2 Prescription Lens Adapter from VR Optician, which is fitted with lenses made to your own personal prescription – you will need to know what this is first by visiting an optician – so you can see games more clearly without your glasses.


The best part is that these inserts, unlike some others, support a wide range of prescriptions, making VR gaming a possibility for many more people.


Quest 2 Fit Pack


The Oculus Quest 2 can be uncomfortable for some people from the start – we all have different shaped heads after all. These snap into place within the headset, giving you more room.


The wider frame, also known as an ‘interface’, reduces foam around the face for a more accommodating fit. The smaller, narrow interface provides more foam to allow for extra padding, structure, and overall support. 

Consider These Tips While Buying Hookahs In Wholesale

With the increasing popularity of hookah smoking and hookah lounges, There are many online smoke shops available that supply different types of smoking items for people who love to smoke.

The title wholesale attached to hookah doesn’t mean purchasing unattractive or finely made hookah merchandise. It really means purchasing the highest quality hookahs in bulk at the most economical prices. You can even buy the best Shisha Goods from UK’s leading online hookah store & shisha shop for the best vaping experience.

Contemporary hookahs come in an assortment of beautiful designs. They’re beautiful works of craftsmanship that combine the attractiveness of this hookah to become the component of the pleasure and aesthetic joy of hookah smoking.

Hookahs may add variety to a current pub, a restaurant, a tobacco store, a smoking lounge, and also the frequent area of your property. 

The items that go in the manufacturing of a hookah including using hand-blown glasses in various colors, use of polished ceramics, wooden bits carved into beautiful layouts, brass and steel labored into graceful curves of this hookah structure, etc may produce the area of its existence an appealing corner.

The design of hookahs started from conventional Indian, Egyptian, or Syrian style and now are available in different kinds of contemporary interpretations of classic hookah, rotating hookah, and much more.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a good deal of wholesale hookahs, the essential points to consider would be the quality of this crafted layout as well as the sturdiness of substances used to create hookahs.

These substances are hard enough to be molded in creating hookahs since they may be repeatedly used for this everlasting pleasurable smoking experience. 

Various Effective Benefits Of E-Hookahs Over Regular Cigarettes

In recent years, electronic hookahs have gained popularity for a variety of reasons. People smoking these small battery sticks are a current showoff nowadays.

Considered a healthy alternative to regular cigarettes; the traditional electronic hookahs provide the same effect of smoking, but fewer the harmful effects of traditional smoking.

They are elegant and come in a variety of delicious hookah flavours

Let’s look at some of the advantages of it.

No tobacco

We all know that tobacco causes lung cancer and lip cancers, mouth, pharynx (throat), nose, and stomach. All of these ordinary cigarettes and cigars consist of dried tobacco leaves and other chemicals leading to fatal pulmonary and cardiac diseases.

Electronic hookah simulates the same effects of smoking as regular cigarettes, but less harmful. So with that, you discover the steam and the delicious flavor, but without the harmful effects of tobacco.


Tobacco smoke contains harmful sheets, as well as thousands of toxins and toxic gases such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. Since electronic hookahs do not contain tobacco, they are also free of tar. With hot battery hookahs, all you inhale is a vapor.


Another reason why people are starting to prefer electronic hookahs on the traditional is that they do not feel cigarette smoke once they smoke. Since electronic hookahs do not release harmful smoke and carbon dioxide into the air, the smoker does not smell either.