The Ultimate Birthday Party Function Checklist

If you need help deciding on the birthday party venue or you're unsure how to keep your guests entertained, have our guide help you finish organizing the best party.You can also find the best birthday party kits via

Whether you're throwing a birthday party for kids or kids at heart, make sure you've ticked off everything on this list to ensure your upcoming event is a success.

1. Booking Your Birthday Party Venue 

You've set the date, and you have a guest list ready, but now you have to find the right venue. The earlier you know when and how many people need to be accommodated for the more options you have regarding function areas. 

2. Creating A Delicious And Versatile Menu

The food at your party is something your guests will be talking about even when the event is over. Therefore having a tasty and flexible menu is crucial. Restaurants and catering services often give you the option of set menus, food stations, and meal platters.

3. Lights, Camera, Entertainment

From lighthearted day parties to raging all-nighters, ensure you've got plenty of entertainment and photo opportunities throughout the event. 

4. The Birthday Cake

No birthday party is complete without a cake. Make sure you order an epic birthday cake for the special girl or gal. Find out what flavors suit their fancy, and check if you have any guests that have any dietary requirements.