How To Choose Outdoor Furniture Material?

Now that you have done a great job in your garden or patio, are you ready to take a break? Do you really want to do this standing up? You will probably need some modern outdoor furniture. Material is the first thing to consider. You should consider the material. Are you able to take care of outdoor furniture?

You can find modern outdoor furniture in every material you could imagine, such as wicker and resin, iron, steel, stone and plastic, or even wood. You can further divide wooden garden furniture into soft and hard woods. Hardwoods include teak, mahogany and acacia, as well as oak. Soft woods include fir, pine, larch and spruce. Here are the details.

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Resin: Resin outdoor furniture is made from polymer, which is a high-density version of polyethylene plastic. This resin is waterproof and UV protected. This material is strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Metal: Metals can set the tone for outdoor furniture. There are many options, from lightweight aluminum to traditional iron, so it is possible to find the right piece of metal garden furniture. Experts recommend aluminum because it is less rust-resistant than other materials.

Teak: Teak is one of the hardest hardwoods and most people prefer teak garden furniture. Teak garden furniture is timeless and elegant. It can last for decades. For outdoor improvements, the best place to start is Indonesian teak furniture.

Apart from the wood quality, when shopping for teak garden furniture, it is important to consider other factors, such as how the furniture was built. Regularly inspect any cracks or splintered wood. It is a good idea to wash the wood with warm soapy water to remove dirt, dust and oil.