All About Fine Leather Fabrics

Fine leather fabrics are made from the finest cuts of hides. The raw materials used for fine leather furniture are the same as those used in top-quality shoes and gloves. 

However, there is a big difference in the amount of labor and skill that goes into producing each type. You can get more information about Leather Furniture for Sale via

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The best leathers are tanned using a variety of methods, including wet-sorting, hot-tacking, and drum tanning. When the hide is tanned, it is first soaked in water to loosen the hair and blood vessels. The hide is then placed on a frame that has wooden boards fixed across it at intervals. 

The hide is then slapped against these boards so that the hair falls off and the tanner can work on the surface. 

The leather is then salted to extract all the moisture, which also allows tannins to be released into the hide. Once dry, the leather is worked to remove all traces of water and any remaining fat, blood vessels are cut out, and natural dye is applied to produce either a deep black color or creamy white.

Leather made from cows' hides and horses' hooves has a thickness similar to that of other kinds of leather but has a combination of qualities that set it apart from them.