Industrial Water Filter And Its Types

A water filter for industrial use is vital since every industry has its own unique and specific water treatment requirements. The primary rule for selecting a high-quality water filter is to design the system so that it has a minimum 10% more capacity for filtering. 

When installing a good industrial water filter, it is recommended to seek the help of the manufacturer in the design of the system. Sometimes, the manufacturers will even conduct the testing of water to determine the dimensions of the best filter for your requirements.

Industrial Water Filters

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There are many industrial water filters available on the market. It is essential to choose the appropriate filter type and size. The options to select the best industrial water filters are described below:

The most widely used commercial water treatment system is an Automatic Screen Filter. It's easy to set up and is maintenance-free with a rapid, high-efficiency flushing and low water volume. The main benefit is that it is able to be put in on both new and existing systems. Its fully automated cycle does not interrupt the system's flow during flush cycles.

Gravity Coanda Effect Screen filters are very easy to set up. They're a cheap option, and maintenance is simple. But, they require regular cleaning as well as a huge footprint and limited effectiveness. They cannot be used over 200 microns and cannot be used for pressure systems.

Bag and cartridge filters are high-efficiency filters that have a tiny footprint and interrupt the work at a sub-micron. But, replacing cartridges can be expensive and require frequent replacement.