What is Kosher Salt and How it Works?

Kosher Salt is the salt used in the Jewish religion. What is Kosher Salt? Kosher Salt is actually slightly more refined than regular table salt because it is not distilled. It has less salt than normal table salt, but still retains the health benefits of natural salt. Why it's good? Kosher Salt is actually better for you than regular table salt.

When should I use it? Kosher Salt is great for seasoning, after, during, and even before cooking. It's great for making baby food, pickles, and even meat and fish. Kosher Salt is best used on delicate items such as bread and crackers.

Can you use sea salt for food preparation? The answer is no, you cannot. Sea salt is not pure salt and can cause harmful effects if eaten by humans. Kosher Salt is made from natural sea salt and does not have any artificial preservatives.

Should I replace sea salt in my dishes with kosher salt? Absolutely not. Sea salt contains sodium chloride, which is very detrimental to your body. Instead of using regular table salt, make sure you use Kosher Salt instead.

How do I keep my salt fresh and at the right temperature? If you're using Kosher Salt, you will know exactly when it's time to throw away the old salt. The molecules are smaller and stay together better, so they do not shrink and become smaller. They also retain heat and stay where they need to be, which prevents them from losing their original shape.

What's the best way to store my salt? Do not use plastic containers with lids. Plastic liners and bowls are not great options because they will allow air to escape. Kosher Salt is great because it maintains its shape.

Why use sea salt? Sea salt isn't a natural food product, and it's not suitable for all dishes. You shouldn't eat sea salt or any other sea-salt products that contain mercury. If you do decide to use sea salt from the ocean, make sure it is completely clean and dry.

I see people with containers that look like salt boxes, but aren't salt boxes? Don't worry. Kosher Salt containers are not boxy! The Kosher Salt containers are made of cardboard and they come in many sizes so there are plenty of containers to fit all your salt needs. The bags are also watertight and easy to use.

Is sea salt really salty enough? The answer is yes, it's just as salty as table salt, but it has more nutrients. Table salt can get too much salt and not enough water. Your body needs both.

I heard table salt makes my mouth run. Not true! Sea salt is the only salt that contains minerals, which give your mouth that nice taste. That's why your breath feels so good after eating sea salt.

Do I have to use sea salt for food preparation? Yes, sea salt is the only salt that is approved by the FDA to be used for food preparation. When it comes to Kosher Salt, it's the only salt that you need. No other salt is considered Kosher Salt.

Why use sea salt for cooking? Sea salt has natural antioxidants, which fight cancer cells. It helps eliminate toxins in the blood and gives you more energy.

Where can I buy sea salt? You can buy sea salt in the store, but you'll probably have to pay a little higher. Most Kosher Salt is available online or in a health food store. They are usually less expensive. There are also salt shakers and salt pots that make use of sea salt that you can purchase.