What Are the Necessary Requirements For Texas Life Insurance Claim

For many people, a life insurance policy gives peace of mind that loved ones will be taken care of financially after their demise. However, some life insurance companies try to avoid hefty life insurance pay-outs by abusing and misusing contestability clauses in life insurance contracts. 


Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough, but dealing with insurance companies operating in bad faith can seem impossible. It would be beneficial for insurers to hire a bad faith attorney from https://www.vosslawfirm.com/blog/insurance-litigation-lawyer-describes-how-to-recognize-a-bad-faith-insurance-company.cfm to deal with such insurance companies or agents. 

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People hope that a claim won’t be required when setting up life insurance. We will look at some of the requirements that a Texas insurer must meet to assess a claim for life insurance.

Let’s take a quick look at each one. 

  1. The insurer will first need a copy of the death certificate of the deceased. Sometimes, a Death Certificate may have been issued “subject to Coroner’s findings”. In this case, the insurer will usually require a copy of the findings to evaluate the claim. 
  2. A copy of your life insurance policy will be requested by the life insurer. This document was sent to you when your policy was started. It is important that you keep it safe. It is possible to get a duplicate of the document from the insurer, but this could delay the assessment of your claim. 
  3. The insurer will also require proof of identity and the age of the decedent. This information should be provided if it was already available (e.g. during an application). However, if it has not been provided previously the insurer will require it. 

These are some of the requirements you have to make before claiming for life insurance. If you believe your life insurance claim is being wrongly contested, or if the claim is delayed or outright denied, the skilled life insurance claim lawyers can help you get the compensation you are entitled to under the policy.