What to Pack for Your Dog’s Stay at a Dog Boarding Kennel in Hillsborough ?

Leaving your dog at a dog boarding kennel can be a traumatic experience for any dog owner. However, remember to pack all the necessary equipment, and information for your dog's stay can help make the experience much less of an ordeal.

Food The first thing you should ensure you pack for your dog's stay at the dog boarding kennel is their food. Most kennels do not supply dog food, therefore it is important to ensure that the correct amount of food is packed and will last the duration of the dog's stay.

It is also important to bring a measuring device with instructions detailing the times that your dog should be fed and the quantity of food to be given.

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Comfort Items As your dog is likely to be feeling a bit nervous about being away from home packing a few of their favorite toys is always a good idea. This will help your dog feel more at home at the dog boarding kennel as well as keeping them occupied. If you have any concern regarding your pet's sleeping arrangements you can always bring their bed or blanket.

If your dog suffers from a nervous disposition bringing their bed and blanket along can help make them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. Boarding kennels are full of strange new scents that can be intimidating for your pet, but having a toy or bed that smells familiar will often make them feel much more at ease.

Medication If your dog suffers from any medical conditions that require the attention of the kennel staff, make sure that they are aware of the situation before you bring your pet. If your pet requires medication during its stay ensure that all medicines are properly labeled with your pet's name and the correct dosage information.

Medication should be accompanied by the relevant paperwork from your vet, as well as the contact details for the veterinary practice where the medication was prescribed.