Clean And Maintain Your Chimney To Avoid Disaster

Many people don't think much of their chimneys. It looked like a quaint addition to the house for a romantic evening with a roaring fire. What is sometimes misunderstood is that a chimney is more than just a smoke pipe and requires cleaning and maintenance.

Failure to maintain the chimney can result in injury or death. You need to call professionals for chimney inspection in Milwaukee.

With a simple test, you can easily check if your chimney needs cleaning. First of all, make sure the airflow in the chimney is up. As the air flows through the chimney, open a window on the same floor and wait for the flow to reverse.

Take the fire-stirrer with goggles and dust mask to the fireplace and scrub the surface over the bumper. If the resulting stroke on the creosote is 1/8" deep, the chimney needs to be cleaned. Do not use the chimney if the stroke is 1/4" or larger. This creosote content poses a serious fire hazard.

It is best to hire a professional chimney cleaner to clean your chimney. It is possible to do it yourself, but the special and dirty nature of the job makes it difficult for you to do a good job. In addition, a qualified person can identify any mechanical or structural defects that you may have overlooked.

When hiring a chimney sweep, be sure to ask about their qualifications and training. Are they certified and what training did he take? Also, make sure to get referrals from other satisfied customers.

You don't want to be the first or second customer working on a new chimney cleaning. Chimney cleaning is very inexpensive insurance. Check your chimney immediately and save your family from disaster.