Access Control – Multi Use Function In Many Businesses In Sydney

Access control is the ability to allow or deny entry to a specified area or a particular function of the organization. When the cardholder is denied to enter a location or to access a resource, a control mechanism is used to allow or deny access to a resource or a physical area.

Access control is used for access to an entire system or can be placed on a small item such as a text document. Some access control systems use access control cards. This card allows entry or denies entry into a secure area that has an electronic entry and exit points such as a gate or door.

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Businesses that utilize access control cards use a wide variety of methods to identify the holder of the ID. Bar codes, smart cards, proximity cards, and mag stripes are some of the technologies implemented. The ID card has a number embedded on it by a method such as the ones listed.

The number is read by a digital card reader as the cardholder approaches the secured area. The number is read and sent to the computer hosting the main access control system. The sensor in the system matches the transmitted information to the database and allows or denies access based on the credentials submitted.

If the information submitted is located on the main access control list, the system will unlock the identified access point and allow entry. The transaction is logged into the system for retrieval as required by management. A report may be generated to identify the access provided by the system for a specific timeframe.