What Are Some Good Seafood Salts?

One of the things that can make seafood dishes so delicious is adding salt to them. There are many different types of salts that can be used for this purpose, and each one has its own unique flavor and properties. 

Adding a seafood salt to your next dish can give it a unique flavor and make it more craveable. Here are some alternatives to Salt Shellfish that you may want to try.  

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Here are some of the best seafood salts for your next meal: 

1. Pink Himalayan Salt is a natural salt that is mined in the Himalayas. It has a mild, salty flavor and a slightly sweet aftertaste. It is great for adding flavor to sauces and gravies, or simply seasoning food. 

2. Celtic Sea Salt is made from a blend of Celtic and Australian sea salts. It has a bright, almost citrusy taste, and is great for adding complexity to dishes with strong flavors like seafood. 

3. Smoked Paprika Sea Salt is made from smoked paprika, which gives it a strong, pungent flavor. It is perfect for adding depth of color and flavor to sauces, stews, and casseroles. 

4. Garlic & Herb Sea Salt is perfect for those who love garlic and herbs in their food! This salt has both garlic powder and dried herbs added to it, which gives it a complex flavor.

5. Chipotle Sea Salt Chipotle sea salt is made from smoked crushed chipotle peppers, and has a smoky, sweet flavor that's great in sauces or on roasted vegetables or meats.