Tips For Concrete Cleaning And Maintenance

Concrete is a very porous material and accumulates dust and grime quickly, among other substances. Regular cleaning and maintenance however can help in keeping the concrete surfaces clean, and the space healthy.

It is also helpful to get concrete sealing done on your concrete surfaces, with a quality concrete sealer. It helps to keep the concrete clean and maintains its longevity and look. To get more information about concrete cleaning chemicals visit

Below are some tips for concrete cleaning –

Regular Cleaning – You might have to take advanced measures only when you have let the concrete surfaces remain unclean for a long time. Stains that have been there a long time are a harder time to remove. The best strategy, therefore, is to nip the problem in the bud. That is, by regularly cleaning the concrete surface, using simple materials like brooms, mops, and cleansers. A concrete sealer would of course make the job easier, to begin with.

Hiring professionals can be costly at times. So, if you decide to do the cleaning yourself, take all precautions. Wear protective gear. When you go out to buy the cleaning materials, see that you buy those which fit your needs, and that are affordable. Do not buy chemicals with toxic substances as they can cause health problems.

Check and see that the substances you use do not contain anything you are allergic to. Generally, if a concrete sealer was first applied it will be much easier to remove the stain. Apply them on the stain and let it settle for more time to remove stains.

With mildew and asphalt stains, you can try freezing them with ice or using aerosol freezing agents. You can then scrape off the ice. You can also use sawdust or kitty litter for stains like grease. Applying bleach on stains also helps to remove them.