The Benefits Of VRV Air Conditioning Systems

Variable Refrigerant Volume air conditioning systems are an extremely energy efficient means of precisely regulating the temperature within commercial buildings. More often than not, the rooms or zones within the building will need to operate at different temperatures.

A well-designed VRV system will typically serve areas known to have opposing heating and cooling loads and can, therefore, redistribute excess heat from areas that require cooling to those that require heating. You can also look for the best quality of vrv system in Melbourne via an online source.

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The cooling and heating requirements of these spaces inevitably change throughout the day, typically as a result of varying occupancy, heat emitting office equipment and lighting, changes in outdoor temperature and notably, the position of the sun. 

VRV air conditioning systems also benefit from being flexible and modular in design. Its Multiple outdoor units can be joined together to increase the overall system capacity and, therefore, increase the possibility of heat recovery.

Key benefits of VRV air conditioning system

  • Highly energy efficient

  • Precise temperature control

  • Simultaneous heating & cooling

  • Heat recovery

  • Zoned comfort

  • Flexible & modular designs

  • Simpler to install

  • Sophisticated, easy to use control

VRV air conditioning systems that are cost effective to install, easy to use and economical to operate throughout the entire life of the equipment.