What Is The Holden Commodore VT VZ Exhaust System?

The Holden Commodore VTVZ exhaust system is a performance exhaust system for the Holden Commodore sedan. It is made of stainless steel and features a unique design that gives the car a more aggressive sound and look. The system also includes high-flow catalytic converters to reduce emissions, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. You can check this link https://xforce.com.au/products/make/holden to get the best VT VZ Exhaust System.

What Other Accessories Are Available for the Holden Commodore VTVZ Exhaust System?. Other useful accessories that can be purchased for the Holden Commodore VTVZ exhaust system include a high-flow catalyst cat converter (for $488) and an O 2 sensor bypass kit (for $250). These accessories will help reduce emissions without affecting performance.

Why Is It Called "VT VZ"?

The name of this exhaust system comes from its unique look, which resembles a Victoria Cross medal, which is a medal that is awarded to Allied soldiers for bravery during the great wars. The unique design and coloring of this exhaust system also helps it stand out from other exhaust systems on the market, which helps make it easy for you to find the VTVZ exhaust system for sale in your area.

Why Buy this Exhaust System? 

With a large selection of accessories available for purchase along with a great look and unique styling, there's no question that this exhaust system is worth every penny you'll spend on it. You will be able to meet all your performance needs while reducing emissions. Please Note: This system doesn't come with a heat shield.