Cannabis- Narcotic with Therapeutic Effects

Cannabis has been a part of humanity for many thousands of years. Cannabis is a psychoactive plant with therapeutic properties. The cannabis plant can reach as high as five meters size in wild. It blooms from the end of summer until the end of autumn. 

The first reference to cannabis was found in Chinese documents written in the year 2800 BC. Cannabis is a plant that grows wild across several Asian nations. 

Numerous indigenous communities around the globe have used cannabis for a variety of reasons, including religious, recreational, and medical. You can also buy products made from cannabis through

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Many doctors prescribe drugs containing cannabis for those suffering from conditions such as glaucoma and multiple sclerosis, HIV, and cancer in addition to a variety of others. 

Cannabis is also a source of energy for the heart. The results have been shown to be comparable to that of an athlete who regularly exercises at the gym!

Cannabis is now recognized as a substance. Cannabis is a banned substance in many nations. Many times, people who have been without the drug have been proven to be violent in nature.

The effects are very like that of steroids which have anabolic properties. Additionally, those who are addicted to various substances have also been proven to be the source of health and social issues.