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Always Update Your SEO Initiatives

Speak to any internet marketing expert and they will tell you that no search engine optimization project is a one-time affair. As a matter of fact, it is an ongoing exercise that needs to be nurtured just like your backyard. If you are looking for an SEO company in Vancouver, You can search the best SEO company in Vancouver Wa via

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As a business that wishes to leverage the World Wide Web, it is important that you keep your content fresh and maintain a constant check for rotten leaves and weeds to get rid of.

One cannot simply implement an optimization plan and expect major results overnight. Your old strategies are bound to stop working for you at some point; making it all the more important for you to continually innovate and implement.

Here are some simple rules that you need to follow to make sure your SEO initiative doesn't get stale –

Fix Broken Links – Broken links are like dead weeds that lie around in your garden not helping the ecosystem and sometimes even ruining it. Broken links often happen when the page or the website that it's linked to, does not exist anymore. 

Not only is this harmful for your optimization but it also sets a bad example to your visitors who are very likely your potential customers. 

Continually Adding Fresh Content – Most search engines are simply in love with content that is fresh. This is one of the primary reasons why one will notice that websites that update their content more frequently tend to get higher search rankings. 

Research – If you are not already leveraging the information you get by tracking your analytics on Google Analytics, it is never too late to start. 


Logo Design Terminologies For Buyers

When someone is looking to buy a logo design for the first time, they may not be familiar with some of the words used by logo design companies. Hence, he might be wondering what these words mean and which package to choose. There are some search engine optimization companies in Vancouver Wa that also provide logo design services. 

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It's important to understand the terminology in the industry before spending money to make sure you get the right package at the right price. There isn't much to learn, so you don't have to worry about learning lots of new terms. There are several important words that need explanation.

Now let's discuss what these words mean:

Logo concept

This is probably the first thing you'll see when you look at the logo pack. The concept is basically a different idea for the same logo. Assuming you order a package with 6 concepts, you will receive 6 concepts of your logo with different ideas or versions. 


You will see an unlimited number of revisions or a number of revisions. This means that once you receive your first draft, you can ask the design company to make changes according to your preferences. If they offer unlimited revisions, you can request the changes as often as you'd like. 


If you see a pack of 8 concepts created by 8 designers, what does that mean? This means 8 designers are involved in your project and each designer creates a concept based on your creative assignment. This way you have 8 different brains working for you.