Some Useful Battery Facts For Mobile Printers

Today, mobile printers have come to the market which reduces the distance that employees have to travel to search for labels. Mobile printers, in turn, can increase productivity while achieving a full return on investment in less than a year when used in distribution centers, warehouses, or other industrial settings.

A radio frequency identification system (RIFD) or barcode is required to maintain efficiency and accuracy in distribution centers or warehouses. Therefore, a high-performance Motorola tc75 battery can definitely increase the productivity of your device.

In this way, mobile printers have become an essential part as consumers rely on label printing at every stage. To increase the performance of your Portable Printer, you must use it with a large battery. 

Motorola's new ZQ510 battery is always compatible with your barcode printer. It meets all specifications while ensuring high performance. Here is a complete list of features that the Zebra ZQ510 battery offers.

  • The battery belongs to the Li-Ion category.
  • The battery can deliver up to 5200 mA per hour.
  • There is a one-year battery warranty.
  • Compatible products

Energy management is very important to keep your employees active. A long-lasting battery of Motorola provides power to your mobile printer without affecting its performance.

There is a wide range of batteries in standard and expanded packages to suit your needs.