Things To Know About Polished Concrete Floors

Commercial concrete polishing has other economic benefits as well. By nature, concrete is cold to walk on, so you can have underfloor heating installed before the concrete is poured.

If a floor has commercial stone floor polish technique to the maximum level of shine with something akin to a 3,000 grit, it will reflect light like a mirror. You can get the services of expert stone floor polish via

This means that artificial lighting in the area can be reduced, thus saving money on electricity and benefiting the environment in the process.

The floor can also benefit from solar gain, absorbing heat from sunlight coming through the windows, and releasing it as the building cools at night, thus maintaining a more even temperature, and reducing the amount of heating or air conditioning required.

Polished concrete flooring is being used more and more in factories, warehouses, and high traffic areas such as railway stations, airports, and shopping malls, and it can actually save money on tire wear! It's true. Read this article attentively to know more about stone floor polishing.

Despite that, and despite being polished to a mirror-like finish, polished concrete is not slippery as one might expect, but has a relatively high coefficient of friction, which saves slips and falls. 

Furthermore, it is very stain-resistant on its own, but after the conclusive polishing stage has been sent out you can add a sealant to the exterior.

This is ideal in places such as commercial kitchens where there is the constant danger of spills of foodstuffs, oils, and so on. A quick wipe with a mop and the floor surface will be fine.