Product Photography – Taking Those Great Photos That Sell

Lighting is the key

The light source is the key to your entire shooting setup. For indoor shooting, you usually need two light sources – one is the main or direct light on your product, or it can be diffused in some way, e.g. by using a light tent. Then the second light source is usually a fill light or a reflective diffuse light to eliminate the shadow effect.


The background in front of your product is also very important. You may also want to use a light or white photography background for the shot and leave the background in the frame. 

Image Source: Google

Keep in mind that the background color may not match the color of your product, especially with clothes.

Tripod help

Many digital cameras today, even low-end cameras, are equipped with a screw tripod that attaches to the bottom of the camera. For best results, use this to capture your product – it saves a lot of blur from an out-of-focus image – even slightly out-of-focus images can cut sales so a tripod is well worth it.

Equipment overview

Start on a budget – even on a modest budget, you can take much better photos with just a few essential tools. Assuming you have a digital camera, you might be able to use one if you are on a budget and waiting for a cloudy day to shoot outside.