What Is IKZF1 antibody?

DNA-restricting protein IKAROS capacities in the detail and the development of the T lymphocyte. It likewise collaborates with a basic control component in the terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase advertiser just as with the advertisers for different qualities communicated during beginning phases of B-cell and T-cell advancement.

This objective quality encodes the protein 'IKAROS family zinc finger 1' in people and may likewise be known as IKAROS, CVID13, Hs.54452, IK1, DNA-restricting protein Ikaros or IKZF1 antibody and CLL-related antigen KW-6. Basically, the protein is accounted for to be 57.5 kilodaltons in mass. In light of quality names, canine, porcine, monkey, mouse and rodent orthologs may likewise be found.

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IKZF1, otherwise called DNA-restricting protein Ikaros, Belongs to the Ikaros C2H2-type zinc-finger protein family. The N-terminal zinc-fingers 2 and 3 are needed for DNA restricting just as for focusing on IKFZ1 to pericentromeric heterochromatin. The C-terminal zinc-finger area is needed for dimerization.

IKZF is richly communicated in thymus, spleen and fringe blood Leukocytes and lymph hubs. IKZF1 is confined in core. IKZF1 as a record controller of hematopoietic cell separation ties gamma-satellite DNA and assumes a part in the improvement of lymphocytes, B-and T-cells. Ties and initiates the enhancer (delta-A component) of the CD3-delta quality.

IKZF1 is a repressor of the TDT quality during thymocyte separation. IKZF1 has some isoforms with MV 58KDa, 48KDa, 48KDa, 43KDa, 41KDa, 32KDa and 53KDa, separately. Each Ikaros/IKZF1 Antibody is completely covered by our Guarantee, to give you a complete inward feeling of harmony and the help when you need it.