Pros and Cons of Battery Powered Chainsaws

Cordless chainsaws are becoming more popular each day as people realize what a time-saving benefit they can be had from owning one. For many consumers these combine power with convenience and value. This particular model is a must have for the home gardener and landscape contractor who want to efficiently trim and maintain their own lawns, gardens and shrubbery. The cordless chainsaw seen at, offers the versatility to cut thicker hardwoods faster than electric chainsaw, cuts more time than gas models, and is designed specifically to meet all professional landscaping and power utility needs. The unit is crafted to exceed the high performance, longevity and ergonomic requirements of professional landscaping and yard power utility.

This particular unit utilizes a high performance brushless motor that is capable of sustaining speeds up to 45 mph. The blade utilizes a dual action cutting system to ensure that the job gets done fast. The blade does not require oiling, so there is no risk of the motor overheating or having a rough start if there is an unexpected downpour. The bar itself is made of lightweight aluminum and has an extremely strong steel bristle brush. The bar allows the blade to move at an extremely high rate of speed and generate a large amount of down force.

The blades come in three separate sizes: six, nine and twelve inches. The six-inch blades can be mounted in any position on the handle with a nine-inch bar; however, this model is most commonly found mounted on the stand. The twelve-inch model offers the most mobility and can be used as a trim saw as well. It comes equipped with two heavy duty axles. To operate this cordless chainsaw, you must have an optional 12-inch bar. Battery life for this model is approximately five hours, which will give an owner more time to enjoy the outdoors.

Another popular type of cordless chainsaw is the limbing chainsaw. Like the standard model, these offer the user the ability to trim firewood, trim bushes and shrubs, and perform felling jobs on hard wood decks and on other hard surface surfaces. The difference with the limbing design is that the front of the unit will extend towards the back when not in use and will retract when the job is complete. The extension on the front can be used in a number of applications, including felling small animals and lifting furniture. While the battery pack for these models is quite small, the overall power is not as powerful as the models with batteries that include a separate mid-range drive.

When looking at the available options for cordless chainsaw models, it is important to consider the differences between electric and cordless styles. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types. While an electrical cordless chainsaw is easier to start and use than one that uses cords, there are a number of safety concerns that make the switch worth it. In the case of an electrical chainsaw, the cordless feature can help reduce the risk of fire because it does not need to be plugged into an outlet. It can also be easier to start if the cord is tripped over or comes into contact with something, since there is no cord to cut.

Because cordless chainsaw batteries are smaller than their electrical counterparts, they require less energy to run and are lighter weight. This means that they can be used in applications where an electrical chain is not appropriate. For example, many people choose to use them to power small electric fans in their closets or laundry rooms. In addition, because batteries do not store energy like their corded cousins, they are only useful if they are actually in use. When the batteries are dead, the chain becomes useless.

When you read the pros and cons of cordless chainsaws, you will discover that they are more versatile. They can be used for woodworking, landscaping, pool maintenance, lawn care and almost any household project where power is needed. However, when choosing the best battery powered chainsaw reviews, you should take note of how many amps you will need. Each saw will have a different maximum amp rating. While it may not seem like a lot of power, you will quickly find that these saws will be essential for certain projects.

The biggest disadvantage of cordless chainsaw reviews is the danger of the battery failing. Although a cordless chainsaw will generally be far enough away from your home to prevent harm from an electrical shock, the possibility does exist. If you choose a cordless chainsaw that has an automatic cord tensioning system, you can protect yourself against this danger.