Importance Of Food Safety Manager Certification

Food safety is a major public health problem in Rhode Island. Eating out in restaurants and other dining establishments is increasingly being linked with foodborne disease outbreaks. Food safety training and food nursery certification have been used as methods to reduce food safety violations in foodservice establishments.

However, the literature is inconclusive about the effectiveness of such training programs in improving food safety and consumer health. If you’re looking for more information about food safety manager certification in Rhode Island check this out.

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Restaurants with trained and certified food managers have significantly fewer critical food safety violations but more non-critical violations than restaurants without certified staff. Institutional catering companies have significantly fewer violations than restaurants, and the number of violations does not vary depending on the certification.

Similarly, restaurants with many retail stores had significantly fewer offenses than restaurants with fewer retail stores, and training was not associated with fewer offenses than restaurants with many retail stores. The value of certified staff is only observed in independent restaurants and those with few branches.

This information can help pinpoint where food safety issues are most likely to occur. In addition, we recommend that future research identify features of institutional and chain restaurants that result in less disruption and that efforts be made to apply this knowledge to the individual restaurant level.