Minimizing the Effect of Fire

Fire presents a serious risk to home and business owners. With our reliance on electronic equipment, the risk of fires due to the overloading of plug sockets is increasing, while changes in smoking laws have reduced the risk of fires from cigarettes. Once a fire occurs, it can spread rapidly and cause significant damage to both building materials and structures.

Most home and business owners take out annual insurance, to cover the cost of repairing and replacing items that can be destroyed in one go, but many items are irreparable. You may be thinking about the irreplaceable things that are most valuable to you; A database of your business contacts, historical files, photographs, or ready-made jewelry. You can also visit, to avail fire extinguisher service.

The fact is, the thing that no insurance claim can cover, that is more important than your biggest physical treasure, is people. Whether you are a family, friend, co-worker, or visitor, the loss of life during a fire has a more harmful effect than the loss of any object.

Many people struggle to breathe in the smoke that fills the air and reduces oxygen levels to a minimum; They faint long before they see any flames. Workers across the country risk their lives every day to save people from fires.

Fire prevention and safety measures are everyone's responsibility, and several simple measures can significantly reduce the risk. This includes not using faulty electrical equipment, not leaving food unattended while cooking, and not overloading plug sockets. In addition, the home or business owner should install fire protection equipment. 

In the home, this usually includes smoke alarms in the kitchen and possibly fire blankets. Smoke alarms are small, easy-to-install devices that act as an early warning system by beeping when smoke is detected. They can alert family members to potential fire risks and increase the chances of everyone getting out of the house safely.

Fire blankets are effective in extinguishing flames and depriving them of the oxygen needed to spread. Childminders and other home-based professionals need a blanket of fire.