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Dairy products and wool are the main breadwinners' significant international export to New Zealand, together with a dairying course lead to over a fifth of the nation's annual export earnings.

Working an unusual natural phenomenon for farmer's land – milking cows, sheep shearing – when using the latest in technology to maintain and harvest their crops, which vary from the principles of wine and olives. 

Farm automation, often associated with “smart farming”, is a technology that makes farms more efficient and automates the crop or livestock production cycle. You can get more information about Protrack farm automation systems at LIC via online sources.

Based on current reports, it is estimated that 25 percent of farms in New Zealand have observed a reversal of land use in the last ten years, together with dairying developing agriculture and forestry. 

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New Zealand market to be confused with the delivery of this Strategy for New Zealand dairy farming, made by the coordinated efforts of several dairy organizations together in order to create activities that are necessary to ensure the milk sector raises profitability and sustainability.

The strategy outlines how the business needs to work together to meet these challenges and issues by focusing on five main outcomes, be increased farm profitability, achieve industry-government effort that is solid, ensure that internationally competitive source of milk, increase local business and international reputation d and bring talented, skilled individuals for business.

The use of appropriate technology to increase productivity in all aspects of the farm is a theme continued through the strategy. New Zealand farmers have consistently been on the leading edge of innovation, being an early adopter of technology progress in their farming methods.