What You Need to Know About Getting Your Air Ducts Cleaned In Brooklin

Before deciding whether you want to clean your drains, you need to know a little about how they work and why they collect dirt.

The main reason to clean your ducts is if you suspect that water has leaked or condensed into your airways. This can cause mold in the ducts, which can be hazardous. For the proper cleanup of your duct systems, you can hire professional duct cleaning in Brooklin.

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Most homes are heated by a stove and a duct system that distributes hot air to different rooms. This system consists of a "return air" channel that brings cool air into your stove and a "feed air" channel that distributes warm air around your home.

You can easily tell the difference between the return pipe and the supply pipe by going into the basement and examining the sheet metal ducts that typically hang from floor beams from the ceiling.

The return line is usually a large rectangle that attaches to the bottom of your oven, while the feed line comes out at the top of the oven.

A utility duct usually consists of a large "rod" duct on the ceiling and smaller metal ducts that branch into each heated room. You will often find them covered in metal grating on the floor or walls.

Since the operation of your ducts is open to home air, dust, hair, pet dandruff and other foreign matter can easily collect from your home. This applies in particular to the return line supplying air to the furnace.

A good drain cleaning will help remove dust, dirt, and hair, as well as toys, pens, or items such as jewelry that may have been placed in the drain.