Data Quality Management for Membership Organizations and Associations

For every customer-centric business and for membership businesses, in particular, maintaining a true, current, and clean store of membership data is a fundamental ingredient in having the ability to deliver the kind of customer experience that a member expects. 

But keeping data tidy, de-duplicated and up so far is no easy task unless it's intended for and included in your day to day control of membership information. You can get to know more about data management solutions via

data quality solutions

Membership data comes from many sources, from:

• Completed membership types

• Business cards collected at events

• Details called or emailed through

• Site form admissions

• Faxes received

• And many other channels

So having a centralized repository for core membership information instantly becomes an essential requirement for any membership organization. There is nothing more embarrassing or detrimental to both a public perspective of an organization's understanding of these, than being wrongly communicated to have just two areas of a similar organization that hold various viewpoints of a member's details. So having a clean, true "only view of the truth" is essential.

Therefore, just how can we go about getting blank data and keeping clean? The foundation of any data management strategy is a periodic mass data cleanup exercise that takes all vital data – in an organization and/or individual degree – and – de-duplicates the data contrary to itself after which cleans key data fields contrary to established keyword data. As an instance:

1. Validates addresses contrary to the postcode data file

2. Validates that telephone numbers are in the perfect format and also have the ideal std code to the place supplied

3. Validates that email addresses will be in the Right format and have legal domain names connected to them

This regular data cleanse provides a clean base from which to build going forward.