The Role Of Compression Garments After Plastic Surgery In Indiana

The recovery phase of any cosmetic procedure should be well-considered and the doctor's guidelines well-followed. This is a crucial stage as it can have a vast impact on the final result of your surgery.

Many doctors will recommend their patients for buying compression wear in Indiana post-surgery to ensure the affected area is healing properly.

It would be a shame to invest thousands of dollars on a cosmetic enhancement – only to find that it was all for waste because simple rules were not followed during this recovery period.

These garments are specially designed and fit very tightly against the body. Post-surgical garments are commonly worn after tummy tucks, breast augmentations, and liposuction.

The ultimate goal of this apparel is to provide additional support and help in the prevention of blood clots and excessive swelling.

When the blood flow is sped up, the body can flush out harmful substances that could've to lead to infection and poor health.

Compression garments also help to contain painful, jerky movements that are triggered during a sudden cough or sneeze. Surprisingly, these seemingly innocuous movements can alter the outcome of a cosmetic procedure.

It is important to note that not all compression garments are universal. For example, a patient who just had a breast reduction would not wear the same garment specifications as a tummy tuck recipient.

You must choose a garment specific to your surgery. It should also be the correct size, as a looser garment will not have the same effect as one that fits more snuggly against the body.

Never purchase one without consulting your surgeon first. Your doctor will likely have very specific instructions regarding weight, material, and size requirements.