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Treat Cancer Naturally Using The Gerson Therapy Diet

With the increasing attention on the side effects of medications, more and more people are now searching for alternative treatments to manage various diseases. But, there are some diseases that are quite serious and could lead to death, including cancer. Still, there are some methods that have been claimed to address these conditions and one such technique is the Gerson Therapy diet. You can also look for gerson therapy diet via

The first step of the Gerson Therapy diet is detoxification through coffee enemas. This is followed by the diet itself, which aims to supply the needed nutrients including enzymes. All these can be achieved by 13 glasses of fresh vegetable and fruit juice daily.

The last step involves the intake of supplements to answer the deficient nutrients, including iodine, potassium, and thyroid hormones. But, you can decide to add more dietary supplements and these can include pancreatin, flaxseed oil, niacin, and castor oil.

When it comes to the Gerson Therapy diet, it proposes the thorough washing of fruits and vegetables that are bought in the supermarket if there are no available fresh and organic farm produce. Just like other diet programs, the Gerson Therapy diet's main goal is to ensure that individuals will remain healthy and will live a long life as much as possible.

Although there are no studies that will support the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy diet, I think it's worth a try because all the foods are healthy and nutritious, so your body will not be adversely affected if ever you tried this diet for a month. Cancer is a serious illness and no drug has been discovered to cure this specific disease, which is too bad especially if you have this. So, to help alleviate the pain and other symptoms caused by cancer, you should eat right.

An Introduction To Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most preventable of all cancers. In fact, studies show that eight out of every ten people with cancer have lung cancer. The disease is strongly associated with smoking tobacco.

Therefore, tobacco is a key driver of lung cancer. This is also why it is easily prevented from all other cancers. You can get more information about lung cancer genetic mutation testing via online sources.

Just quit smoking or never start smoking lung cancer effectively. In the year 2010 is estimated at more than 220 000 cases of lung cancer are expected in the United States. There are estimated to be over 155,000 deaths. It has been observed that the number of people in the US develops lung cancer has declined over the last 30 years. 

When NonSmall Cell Lung Cancer Spreads

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This is mainly due to the sharp decline in adult smoking prevalence. The decline in smoking, in general, can be traced back to the band who smoke widespread targeting smoking in public places as well as tobacco tax increases and extensive awareness and access to information about the dangers of smoking. 

What is alarming however is that most teens become regular smokers and continue to smoke into adulthood. It is a probable cause of lung cancer in the future. Tobacco users will remain primarily at the greatest risk of lung cancer. 

Other risk factors of lung cancer will include second-hand smoke from tobacco cigarettes also known as sidestream smoke. This is also the main reason behind the serious worldwide ban on smoking in public establishments such as pubs, restaurants, and other similar places around the world.