Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Provider in Perth

When looking for a web hosting provider to host your website or blog, there are several features that you need to consider before buying the cheapest package you can find. Not all web hosting providers offer the same services at comparable prices.

You will need to scan each listing carefully and look for the features you need to host your website. You can also navigate online sources if you are looking for fast and reliable web hosting in Australia.

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1. Storage space

Storage space or web space is a term used to describe the amount of information you can store about your web hosting account. Whether you use HTML, image, audio or video files, they all take up space on your web hosting account.

2. Monthly transfer volume

The monthly transfer volume, also known as bandwidth, is the amount of information that your web hosting account can receive and send over a month. Most web hosting accounts provide you with multiple gigabytes of bandwidth per month.

3. Linux vs. Windows Hosting

Most starter web hosting plans offer Linux-based web hosting simply because it is often cheaper to run. However, Linux is a very fast and reliable operating system. Most Linux systems run on the Apache web server, which accounts for more than 50% of web hosts on the Internet.

4. Web database

Regardless of whether you need a MySQL or Microsoft SQL database, make sure the web hosting package you buy has access to multiple. While you won't need it at first, you may need it in the future, and most new hosting plans have access to at least one database in their package.