Best Primary School in Toowoomba

Whether your child is just starting school or you are looking for a new kindergarten, you will find that there are a lot of choices among schools in Toowoomba. In fact, the city not only has public and private schools – it has a wide variety of programs for all types of learners. The schools on this list are the best (no surprise there!), with highly trained teachers and lots of activities to keep your kids engaged.

What is an elementary school?

Primary school is a type of school with students between the ages of five and twelve. They teach children to read, write and do maths. The primary school is divided into two parts; One for students of grades 1-4 and the other for students in grades 5-6.

Toowoomba has several different primary schools. Some focus on giving students more time to play, while others focus more on teaching academic subjects. You can search online for the best elementary schools in Toowoomba or visit

How to get into the best school in Toowoomba?

A parent would like to know how to send their child to the best school in Toowoomba. They should first register on the school's website before speaking directly to the teacher or administrator. Once registered, they can send in their child's application.

They must provide proof that their child has completed a basic literacy test and can provide proof of residency in Toowoomba. The cost of admission depends on what type of school it is and whether the applicant is currently enrolled in another school.


The best school in Toowoomba is St John's School. It has many great teachers, a campus that offers students lots of activities to participate in, and its location is perfect for families with young children. It also has great sports facilities to help its students with their fitness level.