Should You Use a Baby Sleep Consultant?

Your baby's sleep is certainly a tricky thing, and sometimes it's hard to turn around. Many families are now turning to sleep counselors or online sleep programs to understand their baby's sleep needs.

Someone who, like us, specializes in children's sleep. They usually offer phone, email, or home service in a one-to-one format. Just like the sleep program by, the primary role can help parents help their child sleep better overall.

They will usually help you sleep better through sleep training. They will often do an initial consultation over the phone to determine your baby's needs, then work with you at home for a few hours, and then after the first appointment offer support via Skype, phone, email, etc.

If you use a sleep counselor/coach, they will help you solve the specific sleep problem that is occurring at the time. Our sleep program covers months (or years) of your toddler's life so you can better maintain the sleep improvements you seek. 

It also ensures that you are always on top of your baby's sleep needs and don't need additional (potentially expensive) sleep advice in the future. The Sleep Coaches don't visit home, but they make sure you will get full support at all times. The certified sleep consultant who will answer all your questions 24/7.

Baby sleep programs have been made possible by our trained sleep consultants, who are ready to answer your questions day and night so you feel supported at all times.