Do you Want An Arbitrator Or A Mediator?

Although there are many different connotations of the word "alternative" in relation to dispute resolution, alternative formats are often very acceptable and popular. As you are well aware, the classic way to resolve disputes through third parties is through legal redress. If you are searching for the best alternative dispute resolution services, you can search on the internet.

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If you want to choose a more convenient method of dispute resolution, which is usually much cheaper and more effective than classic analogs, you can hire an arbitrator or a mediator.

Although arbitration and mediation are run within the ADR family, they are fundamentally very different. You need to know which one to decide whether to hire a mediator or arbitrator.

Arbitration – Although the use of an arbitrator is indeed an alternative to a court of law, the process and results are very similar to that of a court. Both parties present their case with the arbitrator and discuss the points there, if necessary after the arbitrator has decided on the winner.

Mediation – The mediation process is almost at odds with the courts of the first instance and the philosophy of arbitration. The point is, the person hiring a mediator does so in the hope that they will resolve their dispute together. At the end of a successful mediation process, both parties voluntarily decide on a decision and then voluntarily sign an agreement.