Prescription Shooting Glasses – A Helpful Guide

The two main possibilities for choosing shooting glasses are – Custom-made prescription shooting glasses either by your eye care professional or by a custom shooting glasses manufacturer.

Production-grade shooting glasses that employ a removable insert that generally mounts the prescription lens within the interior of the glasses in front of the line of vision. 

Just like everything else, custom-made prescription shooting glasses have pros and cons. You can also buy quest 2 prescription lenses via


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For starters, expect custom shooting glasses to be expensive. Depending on the manufacturer, the prices may vary. There will be quite a bit of variation between those price ranges in quality and options. 

Generally, with custom makers, you can expect the lens to be in one color only. Some manufacturers will offer an interchangeable type of prescription lens in a few different lens colors.

The models which are formulated for mounted shotgun

Some brands of custom prescription shooting glasses are only designed specifically for one type of shooting. For example, there are a few brands out that are designed for clay or trap shooting. They might also work for pistol shooting, but they aren’t designed for that use. 

Hopefully, the information presented in this article will serve as a starting point if you are still searching for the best pair of shooting glasses for your needs.