Opal Jewelry – The Ultimate Collection

Opal is a magnificent gem.  Each stone portrays a different color scheme that is truly distinctive and stunning to look at. Opal with beautiful and shimmering color is one of the most collectible and magnificent gems on earth today. Opal can be of any color.

Due to its distinctive and attractive qualities, opal gemstone is used to design varieties of jewelry items. Opal ornaments are so much in demand nowadays.  Fashion enthusiasts love to wear opal jewelry with every outfit to look highly attractive. To purchase 14k opal jewelry, you may visit ATELIER ALL DAY website. 


Opal has a very long history filled with superstitions and myths. Many cultures around the world think that opal is magical and brings good luck to the operator. Opal jewelry worn by the early Romans was a symbol of purity and expect and has been considered to bring decent luck to its wearer. In ancient Greece, opal jewelry was thought to give the wearer the ability to forecast and anticipate the long run. 

Ancient Greeks also thought that opal brought good luck and decent fortune to its wearer. However, opal was not always thought of as a sign of good luck. In the 19th century Europe, opal is considered the official rock of both thieves and bandits. It was also believed that bad luck would follow whoever holds this type of stone. 

To clarify these myths by Sir Walter Scott in the 19th-century novel"Annie of Jierstein", opal was unambiguously labeled a gem, which caused misfortune because of its owners. In any event, Opal has a very long history behind it and has left a lasting impression on a culture that has for decades created its amazing qualities.