No Gap Dental Treatment In Melbourne

Most people consider the gaps between teeth as unsightly and unattractive. Additionally, it makes you extremely conscious of your appearance and smile. 

Thus, if you have a gap or spaces between your teeth, you might want to the cosmetic dentist for restorative dentistry. You can also check for no gap dentist in Melbourne via

But before you try deciding on cosmetic dentistry, knowing the reasons that led to the gap in your teeth can be of assistance.

In most cases, genetics plays an important role. Genetic reasons affect your teeth the most as genes play a major role in positioning the teeth in the mouth. Thus, if your parents have teeth with gaps, chances are high that you might end up having similar teeth.

However, environmental causes and childhood oral behaviors also affect the position of the teeth. 

Correcting the gaps in teeth

Gaps can occur at any age and for dental restoration, there are four basic ways to correct the spacing. Depending upon the reason for the spacing between teeth, the treatment will be given accordingly. The methods of treatment include:

Dental crowns: It includes capping the teeth with metal crowns

Bonding: This method utilizes filling up the gap with teeth-colored bonding.

Orthodontic treatment includes moving the teeth

Dental Veneers: Includes bonding the teeth with porcelain chips.

Additionally, under general dentistry practices, the application of dental braces can move the teeth into the right positions, by the use of orthodontics. Though it might be time-consuming. It is the most beneficial treatment, ensuring a beautiful smile and harmonious bite.

Having dental veneers, tooth bonding, dental crowns are good treatment methods that have an aesthetic feature. However, always discuss with your cosmetic dentist in Melbourn about treatment. Having a beautiful smile and a perfect set of teeth can be such a confidence booster and enhance your appearance.