How To Know Which Type of Skylight is Best For You in Sydney?

It is important to take into account size, design, as well as functionality when choosing a skylight. There are some main types of skylights, which are popular in residential and commercial spaces.

1. Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights are the most popular. These are rectangular, flat pieces of plastic or glass that allow for more natural light to enter a space. Fixed skylights can be used in any space you choose, including a bedroom, living room, or office. They simply add more light to your daily life. You can consider buying skylights from Sydney’s trusted skylight manufacturer.


2. Ventilated Skylights

Let fresh air in your home as the weather changes and leaves turn colors can bring a pleasant mood to any room. Ventilated skylights work in the same way as fixed skylights but are open to allow for airflow. Ventilated skylights are great for bathrooms and kitchens to let in more airflow and remove moisture. 

Although it is more costly, a ventilated skylight that has a remote control allows you to open and close it easily.

3. Dome Skylights

Dome skylights can be rectangular or square in shape, with a bubble at the end like the Tubular skylight. Uniquely, the Dome skylight captures light from all directions throughout the day and adds dimension.

Choose a company that offers full-service skylight installation and repair services.