Collection Filtering In Shopify App

Sorting of products at the collection level can be a great way to help buyers focus on items that meet their specific needs .While we know that many shopify store holders are happy with this much-requested feature, here are some key factors to consider.

• Think about the tags that are most probably used by your buyers. For example, a clothing store will find the right size and color, while a gift shop may find a more reasonable price.

You can check this out to know more about most likely used tags.

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• Remember, you don't need to use each tag, as listing a more number of labels can make long lists complicated. Therefore, all you can think about is making a list of your most popular color families.

• Since customers may have a bit different ideas about what names apply to certain colors, if you use names like "Rose" and "Cabernet", you should consider marking the item as "red" and only look at the red label and color samples in the sidebar.

• Note that using too many tags that are too focused may also result in the user seeing only one product. In a few cases, this can be a good way to point customers in the accurate direction, but be aware that some customers may find that they don't see just one or two products when using a filter.