Cleaning Up Responsibly: A Guide To Wastewater Treatment Equipment

If you are an industrial or commercial site operator, chances are that you have the dirty work to do from time to time. Most worksites produce lots of nasty gunk in the form of wastewater.

Not only do these items need to be removed from their place, but most government laws have specific requirements for the safe treatment and purification of dirty water before it can be reused or returned to the environment. You can also hire professionals to install wastewater treatment system & water recycling plant in Australia.

With sewage treatment equipment, you can perform this task on site. High-performance treatment machines separate industrial waste from liquids and prepare both elements for safe disposal or recycling.

Let's take a look at the various machines your workspace can use to achieve this.

Filter press

The filter press is one of the most widely used devices for cleaning industrial by-products. These presses use a plate system to separate clean water from contaminants or chemicals. Water is separated and collected for reuse in your industrial processes.


An air purifier is the best sewage treatment device to remove air particles from liquid sludge. Clarifiers are usually smaller than filter press because they are smaller jobs. As a press, the clarifier uses a plate system to separate solids and contaminants from the liquid.