About How Catalytic Heaters Works

Catalytic heaters have been used daily in the industrial sector since their introduction. The catalyzed chemical reactions that break down molecules to produce heat give them their name. They can generate heat without the use of fire, making them suitable for hazardous environments. You can find the best catadyne gas heater for sale online.

To produce heat, chemical reactions require a fuel such as propane or natural gas; electrically preheated catalyst such as platinum-coated plates or pads; and oxygen from the surrounding air. 

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Catalytic heating produces infrared radiant heat, which is better than other heating methods. Catalytic heating heats the object for which it is designed to be heated, unlike other forms of heat which lose energy to heat the surrounding air. This allows for higher efficiency and lower acquisition costs.

Catalytic heating in the natural gas industry

Natural gas production and distribution uses catalytic heating to prevent freezing and hydrate formation in pipelines, metering and regulation of pipelines. This is a common problem when gas pressure fluctuates. This application uses a catalytic heater to direct radiant heat to the problem area.

Catalytic heaters produce no flame and can run on very little electricity, even truck batteries. They are also suitable for use in natural gas extraction and supply processes.