A Basic Guide To Earlobe Reduction in Cheshire

Do you think stretched earlobes are a sign that you are getting older? As gravity affects our necks, cheeks, and other areas, so does the aging process of the earlobes. The earlobes become smaller and more floppy as we age. Earlobes can look longer due to years of wearing heavy earrings and ear gauges.

In Cheshire, the earlobe reduction procedure is a solution to this "floppy condition". It's a procedure that reduces the size and shape of the earlobes, making them appear smaller or shorter, thus making them look younger. You can browse this link https://www.clnq.com/split-earlobe-repair to learn more about earlobe reduction. A plastic surgeon will make an incision at the earlobe and remove any excess tissue. Then, the procedure will be completed to reduce the size of the resulting scar. The earlobes are then closed using absorbable stitches.

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In Cheshire, the surgeon will need to make several incisions depending on how stretched the earlobes may be. This is to ensure that the earlobe heals properly and without distortion.

A patient can have their earlobes reduced in the privacy of a doctor's office. The local anesthetic is applied to the area to numb it. Patients don't feel any pain during the procedure. A typical earlobe removal takes less than an hour.

It can take several weeks for your earlobes to heal fully. It is important to keep the earlobe clean during this time. Although a small scar may appear at the incision site initially, it will usually fade over time. The incision is usually made in a location that is not noticeable by the surgeon. An earlobe removal can be combined with other cosmetic procedures like a facelift, or fat transfer.